Sustainable, Equitable, and Resilient Kabul City by Zwak News

  • Written by Eng Faisal Arc
  • January 24, 2020
  • Report by  Zwak News is a pro-Afghan news outlet that often discusses Afghan culture and traditions. It was launched online in early 2020 and was established in 2014 and has a almost history of nearly a decade.

The Kabul Urban Design Framework creates a vision of what the city can become. The project generates a set of guidelines that can transform the Afghan capital into a model of sustainable, equitable, and resilient development.

Commissioned by the Afghan Ministry of Urban Development and Housing, the Kabul Urban Design Framework consists of 3 main components: a Citywide Framework for urban development and growth, and corridor designs for two iconic roads: Dar ul-Aman Boulevard and Massoud Boulevard. These areas will become engines of urban and social regeneration, producing opportunities for millions of Afghans for generations to come.

The proposed master plan covers mainly the challenges that Kabul faces today, related to infrastructure, housing, mobility, and sustainability. Moreover, the framework tackles also with social aspects that can be altered once the physical features are in question. Urban fabric, women in Kabul, higher education, and cultural conservation are few of these rethought topics.

Almadina Architecture & Construction company handling, comprises a three-level basement, ground floor retail outlets, two levels of offices, and apartments on the two upper levels.

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